In WOFH there is the possibility of adding people you work with as colleagues to whom you can assign one or more classes.

Once logged in, click on Settings> Team

On this screen, you can see all your team members already created. In the Role section you can see whether they are "WOFH Admin" or "WOFH Trainer".

  • WOFH Admin: has access to all the site features included in your plan

  • WOFH trainer: has access to the calendar, the assigned lessons and the client section

Add a new member

To be able to add your colleagues, click Add New in the upper right.

On the screen you need to enter the data of your colleague

User name: the name you can use to enter the page

Name: enter the name of your colleague

Last name: enter your colleague's last name

Email: enter their email address

Phone: enter the phone or mobile number (optional)

Password: click on Generate password, and it will be possible to change the password automatically, with the one you want to enter

Role: here you can choose between: "WOFH admin", which gives access to all sections or "WOFH trainer", which has limited access

Skills: you can enter your colleague's specialties. It is possible to enter more than one and, once the first is done, press enter to be able to add a second

Bio: you can enter a short description of your colleague

Avatar: by clicking Upload Image, you can upload a photo of your colleague

Finally, click on Add New Team to save the data you just entered.

Cancellation of the Team

In order to remove the trainer, simply click on Delete Account at the bottom of the page.

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