The WOF calendar is a very powerful tool that you can use to carry our admin or operational tasks.

General Overview
It is possible to have an overview of all the events created. To better distinguish your classes you can assign a color to each of your classes. Past events are shown in a lighter shade than future events.

Monthly, weekly, daily view

You can change the calendar view at the top right to monthly, weekly or daily.

If you have a date in mind you can use the "go to date" button to go to a specific day in the past or in the future.

Quick New Class shortcut

By clicking on the calendar, in an empty section, it will be possible to create a new course and go directly to the New Class view.

View, Cancel, Edit your class
By clicking on a lesson, in the past or in the future you can

  • Cancel the lesson

  • Edit a lesson

  • Access lesson's data (date, start/end time)

Add a prerecorded video to your class

By clicking on a lesson, in the past or in the future, a pop-up will open and here you can do various operations. You can upload a video by entering a URL from YouTube or Vimeo (refer to this guide to find out how to use this section - see Second method)

Access and start your lesson from here

Access your lesson clicking on a button that will be available 12 hours before the start of the lesson. Doing so you will be able to open the Zoom link as Host and start your lesson

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