With WOFH you can create subscription plans for your clients. The good thing about subscription plans is that the system will automatically process the payments and renew the plan every month.

The automatic renewal can be canceled by the client directly from their control panel.

It will also be possible to set a maximum number of automatic renewals.

Let's see how to create a subscription step by step.

  1. Log into your .getwofh.com website with your credentials

  2. In the menu on the left, click Payments > Membership Plans > Add new

3. Write the name of the Membership where it says "Product name"

4. Enter a brief description in the box below (optional)

5. You will need to set the following:

  • In General> Subscription price(€) enter the recurrent price, for example 50, and the frequency of the renewal. Please note that in the example below it is in €, but the system will show the currency you have setup in your settings.

The subscription can be of different types: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

You can specify how many days, weeks, months or years your subscription will last. To do this, simply select a number from 1 to 6 that you can find in the "every" section.

Eg. if I select 'every 2nd' and in the box next to that month, the frequency of the subscription will be bimonthly, if I select weekly the renewal will happen fortnightly

  • Expire after: select the subscription expiration date

  • Sign-up fee (€): Choose a price for a sign-up fee, if any.

  • Free trial: set the number of days, weeks, months or years you want to offer as a free trial to your clients (optional)

  • Related classes: mark one or more courses, previously created, that you want to include in the cost of this subscription (for example Postural).

6. Now you can set "Discount options" which you will find just under "General".

7. Discount: enter the discount that will be applied to your subscription. Then click on Schedule to set the period of time that the promotion will be active.

Please note: the discounted subscription cost will be valid for the entire duration of the subscription.

8. Give a color to the price: choose and set the color you want to assign to your subscription plan by clicking the "Select Color" button.

To see this color, go to Site Preview>Membership Plan

9. Update: finally click on the "Update" button to activate your newly created subscription plan.

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