Start using a new tool is always tricky but we will help you start your virtual gym or studio with a few simple steps.

Customize your website

Just a few clicks to give your page your personal touch. You can change the colors of texts and photos.

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Connect your account WOFH to Stripe

To be able to collect payments including memberships directly to your bank account you need to connect your WOFH account with your Stripe account. If you don't have an account with Stripe, you need to open one. The good news is it's free to open.

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Connect your WOFH account with Zoom

WOFH allows you to connect your account with ZOOM. WOFH can then automatically create events and send them to your clients.

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Create your First Class & Membership

A short guide on how to create your first online class

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Create Membership

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Create a coupon

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