There are different ways of buying a course.

You can buy a

  • Recurring weekly/monthly/annually Subscriptions

  • Pack of x Lesson

  • The workshop, purchasing of the entire course in a single solution

  • Single lesson

You will need to check which one of these your trainer made available for you.
Find out more about these types in this article Different payment solutions.

Buy a membership plan

You can buy a membership in two ways:

1, You can have an overview of the Membership plans offered by your trainer by clicking on Membership Plans. Pick one and click on Subscribe Now


2. You can click on the class you want to attend and click on "Start Now"

here you will see only the prices linked to that course

3. In both cases, once you click on Subscribe Now you will be on the check-out page.

Enter your details and click on "Sign Up and Pay".

Please remember the email and the password as you will need them to log back on and access your lessons.

To buy a single lesson

  1. From this page

2. Click on the day you want to take part in the lesson on the right side of the screen from among those available. Eg 22DEC

3. You will be directed to the page relating to the lesson you have selected and you will see the price for the single lesson

4. Click on "BUY ACCESS TO THIS LESSON" and again you will be redirected to the check-out page.

Buy something else

If you have already purchased a course or a single lesson and want to make a new purchase, you can just log in by entering your credentials so as to avoid re-entering all the required data.

Add a coupon

  1. If you have a coupon available, click on Click here to enter your code

2. A section will open for you to enter the code.

3. Click on Apply coupon

4. If it's the first time you buy something you will need to enter all the required information including the card number if required

5. Click on "Subscribe and Pay"

6. Regardless of the item you bought, if the payment went through correctly, you will get a payment page and, when the time of your lesson is up, you will be able to get access.

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