When a customer purchases a subscription, an order is automatically created with the data that the customer has entered on the checkout page and the system assigns them an unique code.

The order will appear in your Control Panel under Payments> Payments

Clicking on the order will open a screen with all the details

All the operations on the order you might need to carry out will be done from this screen. The first thing to check is "the order status"

Order status

This status tells us where the process of managing each individual order is the stages of an order are:

  • Active subscription

  • Completed

  • Canceled

  • Refunded

  • Failed

Active subscription

When the order is placed in this state, it means that the payment has been received and processing has begun. If the purchased subscription is periodically renewed, this status remains in progress as long as the subscription is active and it is repeated over time.


An order is in the Completed status when the order management is complete and there are no further operations to be done. For example, if a client bought a single lesson or workshop, the payment should be in this state as it will not be repeated over time like a recurring subscription.


The order was canceled by the trainer or the customer.


The order was canceled and a refund was made to the customer.


In this case there was a problem with the payment (Stripe) and the order was not successful.

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