Memberships are the payment solution that WOFH suggests as they ensure a stream of regular income.

Memberships may include some or all available courses. It works like any of your other digital subscriptions, such as Netflix's.

The cost of the subscription is automatically charged on the expiration date corresponding to the day on which the customer registered and it starts the day your clients signs up even if you do not have classes that day.

You can create membership of different types: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual. Furthermore, it is also possible to select how many days, weeks, months and years to renew the subscription. For example, it is possible to make a subscription for 5 days or 2 two weeks.

Free trial

With memberships you can give your customers the opportunity to have a free trial. You can set a trial period in which no amount will be deducted from your customer's card. Only after this trial period has expired, the system will activate the subscription by deducting the amount due.


In the subscriptions section, you can offer a discount to customers if they register in a given period of time. The discount created here will be recurring for the entire duration of the subscription and the period in which it can be applied can be selected in the space below dedicated to the start and end date. This can be a great marketing strategy for times like Black Friday or Christmas.

Cost of registration

Some sports associations require a registration fee. You can set this fee in the subscription section by entering the desired amount. This fee will be applied once.

Single class

You can allow your new or regular customers to buy individual classes. In this case, the payment will give access to a single class on the day chosen by the client.

Offering single class is definitely a plus for new clients who would like to try your classes without committing to a subscription.

Workshop - Course with a limited duration

It could be useful to have the possibility to price a set of lessons. By creating a workshop, you can offer short-term courses for which you wish to have a one-time payment for all the lessons included in the course.

You can set this mode within the course creation, in the "workshop" section. This section must first be activated and only then you can give the price to your workshop.


You can create coupons for your clients to make your offerings always relevant and appealing.

WOFH offers you 3 types of discounts you can create using coupons:

  • Give a discounts if they buy a Single Lessons or a Workshops

  • Give a discount on the Registration fee

  • Give a discount for the recurring membership

Discount for Single Lessons or Workshops

This type of discount can be used for single lessons and / or workshops applying a fixed value or applying a percentage discount.

It is possible to set the coupon's expiry date, associate it to a specific product only and/or select one or more people who can take advantage of the coupon by entering their email addresses. All these features are optional and you can decide what is the best option for your promotion.

You can also select the usage limits and pick one of these three options:

  • Promotional code usage limit: represents the number of times that code can be used during the payment

  • Usage limit per product: represents the number of times that code can be used for a particular product

  • Usage limit per user: represents the number of times that code can be used per user

Discount for registration

This type of coupon can be used to the give a discount on the registration fee both with a fixed value and as a percentage. Otherwise the functionalities are the same as described in the previous section.

Discount for memberships

This type of coupon can be used to give a discount on subscriptions both with a fixed value and as a percentage.

The different combinations are the same as described above except for the possibility to decide for how many payments this discount will be applied. So it can only be used for the first payment or for multiple payments.

Free trial

Using coupons to offer free trials is one of the easiest ways to attract new customers; for this reason we suggest the use of this feature especially linked to a single lesson.

Package (coming soon)

With the creation of packages it will be possible to offer a number of access eg. 10 entries. It can be used by your clients to spontaneously drop into your sessions. You can set the expiration date for the package when all lessons must be consumed.

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