If you need to delete a client's subscription because you don't want to give them access to your classes any longer, you will need to follow this steps

  1. Go into your teacher's account and click on Students on the left hand side.

  2. Click into the subscription's name Eg Kangoo Jumps next to the client's name, in this case Steve Marra

3. Click on the tab Subscriptions

4. A client could have more than one subscription. Check you are deleting the right one.

5. Click on Delete Subscription

6. A message will appear: "Are you sure?" - Click ok if you are sure.

7. At this point the client will be in the Clients list any longer, unless they have anther active subscription.

8. As soon as you delete the subscription the client will not have access to the classes anymore with immediate effect and if they want to join your classes will need to pay again.

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