To achieve a high-quality lesson is necessary for some technical equipment to be able to offer a smoother experience. Based on your level of tech experience and budget we divide the equipment into 3 categories: Entry-level, Intermediate level, and Advance level

Entry-level setup

If you are starting from scratch we suggest a simple setup that you can improve gradually.

You need to keep in mind three major aspects: location, audio, and video.

A neutral location with white walls and just a few elements in the room is the one needed for the lesson. It's crucial to offer a good visual experience. If you don’t have a location like this you need to check the next section Intermediate level setup.

Audio, if you run Yoga and Pilates where it is not necessary to have a soundtrack you can use the PC or Tablet microphone and speaker, just make sure that the quality of the microphone is good enough to record a clear voice. In case the audio setting is not good enough consider buying the equipment deceived into an Intermediate level setup.

Video, this first thing to check is the camera resolution, many PC and tablet are equipped with a 720p resolution with is generally call HD ready, this is the minimum resolution suggested, if you consider buying an external webcam consider to buy an HD camera 1080p

Intermediate level setup

This setup is for people that want to offer a superior customer experience and are willing to invest in some professional equipment.


To improve the location one important aspect to consider is the lighting, so if you like to upgrade your setup we suggest buying a set of studio lights and a green screen. With Zoom it is possible to remove the green color and exchange it with a jpg picture.

There are different sets composed of lights and green screens available online starting from $70.

Lights are more important than a green screen if you like to upgrade gradually


The best way to upgrade your audio setup without investing a fortune is to buy a Bluetooth headset.

There are many available online for all pockets. In this way stream music directly for your pc and your voice will come across very nicely.


Even if with an HD camera and lights the setup is professional enough, you might want to upgrade to a 4K camera USB (even if the streaming will be performed in HD). These cameras can have a higher frame rate, so around 60 fps which means smoother and fluid videos. These cameras have many other features such as auto adjustment to guarantee the best video output.

Another alternative, even better than the one already described, is to buy a USB to HDMI adapter to be able to capture any video input coming from an HDMI cable.

At this point, you can use even a professional camera or a reflex camera. This will open infinite setting options to get the best out of your video.

Monitor connect your class to your tv or a large monitor so you can see everyone in your class even if you are far away

Advance level setup

This setup is advisable only for online gyms because the setup is very complex and expensive.


Instead of using a greenscreen, it can be a great option to dedicate a room for the class. This room can be set up to host different types of classes. A background logo of your company or gym instead of a white wall but also color lights that will differentiate the exercise time from the explaining time could be a great option.

In addition to the trainer a second person that can take care of all aspects of the lesson audio-video lights and so it's recommended.


In the previous setup, we use a Bluetooth headset and we will need to set up the volume with pc mixer, a easiest and more professional way to achieve better results is to buy a USB mixer where all inputs music and voice will be mixed in a perfect balance using also a monitor speak to make sure the levels are correctly set up.

This more sophisticated setup allows you to manage more mics and audio inputs for those more advanced; it opens the possibility also to have a live Dj set streamed.


Even if you think that already the intermediate setup was the best, there is room to improve also here.

Zoom supports more cameras, up to two simultaneous, so you can create a studio with 3 or more points of view, share 2 of them, and switch with the others during the class. For example, it is possible to have a camera that frames only the face of the teacher, one that gets all figures for an angle and one from another angle like a small tv studio.

This already super professional setup can be improved with a video mixer that can be used to switch from a camera and another using a better tool.

Another interesting tool to use is Ecamm. It allows you to have lots of different setups with your video and also broadcast different videos on one screen.

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