Tips for a Perfect lesson!

Seems commonplace but it's important to consider that lessons online are different than in real life for many reasons.

Customers will see you from just one angle and you can see them only from the webcam.

Lesson introduction

We need to create the right empathy relation with all attendees so consider allocating 2-3 minutes to allow all participants to say hello and introduce new attendees to the group.

Zoom has a nice feature that lets you mute everyone’s microphones and also an option not to show anyone else but yourself. You can start with an introduction of today’s lesson, what are you going to teach, which benefits it will give, how long it will last, which intensity is, and which material is needed.

Depending on your audience, you might allow, at this point, another 2 mins for a Q&A session for those that might have some questions so unmute the microphone and ask if someone has questions.

During the lesson

Many trainers and teachers have different styles on how to conduct a lesson, according to our experience the best way to manage each exercise routine are based on 4 steps:

Get closer to the camera, mute all microphones and describe the exercise

Now get far from the camera enough to show all your figure and show the exercise a couple of time

Now it’s the time for your attendees to make the pose, so you get close to the monitor and switch the view to be able to see all your students' cameras and make sure they are doing the executive in the right way. If not, provide suggestion and improvement tips to all class or to a single attendee

At the end of the exercise unmute the microphone collect feedback and impression stress improvements and tips and go ahead with the second exercises

Lesson complete

This is a very important moment to collect feedback from your students and create a strong community so allow people to speak to each other, try to maintain the conversation choral and not individual, remind them when the next lesson, and try to encourage your students

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