In order to create a new course, log into your website with your credentials.

1. Click on Courses> Add New

2. Give a name to your Course in Add Title, eg. Yoga with Elisa.

3. Date: Set the date when your course will start.

4. Time: Set the time, for example from 7:00pm to 8:00pm.

5. Recurrence: select the recurrence (weekly, monthly...), and how often you'll repeat the class, for example, weekly (select 1 week). Select the days of the week you want your class to take place (for example, Tuesday and Wednesday).

6. Set the end date of the course to "until" (for example, 15-09-2021). This means the lesson will be available throughout 2021.

7. Include / Exclude dates from the calendar: you can exclude or move some dates using the calendar by clicking on the 'Show dates' button. A small calendar will open where you can select or deselect the desired dates. Remember that the dates you select are blue.

8. Course Color: Select a color to distinguish this course within your calendar.

9. Enable Recordings Display: Check this box if you want the lesson recording to be available to your customers. Note: the option is only available with some plans.

If activated, two other settings will appear. The first allows you to set a video maximum availability time after which the video will be deleted and your customers will no longer be able to see it

The second, if activated, will remove the video from the Zoom Cloud when not more available in WOFH in order to free the memory capacity of your Zoom account if you have limited space.

10. Membership Plans: Select the subscription plan in which to include this course.

11. Price for a single lesson: by checking this box, you enable the possibility to give a price to a single lesson, if you want to give your customers the possibility to buy a single access. There is no need to add the currency as the system automatically sets it according to the localised settings entered in the "General" section.

12. Set a price for a workshop: There will be a time when you want to run a workshop that is not included in the membership. If you want to do that, you can check this box and price the workshop separately. The price will be the total price of all lessons you will give during the workshop.

If you want to create a workshop, click here to see how.

If the course you are creating is not a Workshop, but a set of lessons that you want to sell either with a subscriptions or as single lessons or packages, this feature must remain off.

13. Assign the class to the trainer who is going to teach: select the name of the instructor who will teach the course.

14. Select a category of the class you're going to teach: check the box corresponding to the type of course you will run.

15. Set featured image: Choose and add a cover photo to assign to your class by clicking Set featured image and follow the steps to upload your photo.

16. Update: Finally click on the "Update" button.

The lesson is now created and you can see it on your landing page, visible to your clients.

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