With WOFH you can create workshops or courses outside your membership plans that have a defined duration in time.

For example, you can create a 3-day yoga workshop and sell it at an all-inclusive price.

You can also create a one-month dance course consisting of 8 lessons at a total price for all 8 paid lessons in a single solution. Please see the video or follow the steps below.

To do so you will need to create a New Class

  1. Go to Classes > Add new

  2. Give a name to the class Eg. Weekend Workshop

3. Set all the other information

  • Date and Time: Set date/time Eg. You want the workshop to run over 3 days, starting on Nov 13th and finishing Nov 15th in the afternoon, between 3:30pm to 6:30pm

  • Recurrence eg. 'weekly'
    Select the recurrence (weekly, monthly, etc.); You can set the recurrence as weekly and then select the days on which you will hold the course in Show dates.

  • Include/Exclude dates from the calendar: you can include, exclude or move some dates using the calendar by clicking on the 'Show dates' button. A small calendar will open where you can select or deselect the desired dates. Remember that the dates you select are blue.

  • Course Color: Select a color to distinguish this course within your calendar.

  • Enable Recordings Display: Check this box if you want the lesson recording to be available to your customers. Note the option is only available for some packages.
    If activated, two other settings will appear, the first allows you to set the time you want the video to be available after which the video will be deleted and your customers will no longer be able to see it. If activated, the video will be removed from WOFH and from Zoom Cloud in order to keep your Zoom memory free if you are on a limited subscription that gives you only 1GB.

4. Give a price for a Workshop: unlike traditional courses, the workshop can be sold in one single solution. To do this, make sure you have not selected any subscription plan.

Set the total price of the workshop by enabling the section "Set a price for a workshop" by entering the cost, eg. 300. Do not add the currency as it is set automatically.

It is also possible to give a price for a single lesson within the workshops by enabling the "Price for a single lesson" section, but we do not recommend it, unless you want to offer a free trial but in that case you can create a coupon valid for a single lesson. How to create a coupon

How it appears to your customers on your site

  1. Now your customers will see a lesson in the list and see the price by clicking on START NOW.


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