For people who are not aware of your brand, giving you even a small amount of money is a major obstacle. How do you get new leads and how do you convert those leads into customers?

There are a few simple things you can do to advertise your classes, the more people know about you the more students you might have. The good thing is that you have a landing page and you can direct all your digital traffic there. Even if you don't know how to code you have a site with a button where you clients can follow your timetable and buy your membership.

1. Spread the news with emails, newsletter and WhatsApp

The first thing you should do when wanting to promote your online classes is to engage your existing contacts. Clients who know your products are more likely to pay for them. Email the link of your new website to your existing clients and customer list to promote your classes informing them that you have a new service and they can now register online through you site ending

If you have a Whatsapp group also, you can send the same message with your new page so that your client can start register there.

Try to encourage your new potential clients to make a purchase, maybe offering a discount on their next purchase. See what the competition is doing and offer a similar discount but don’t get into a price war. You know how much your time costs and premium quality and your brand integrity is equally as important.

If you already have a website you can add a button called 'Signup to Online Classes' or 'Membership', directing your clients to the membership webpage ending where people can see your schedule and and buy your membership with a very simple user journey.

3. Take great photos for your website, your Instagram and your facebook

We live in a very visual world and, like it or not, the quality of what we show is as important as the quality of what we sell.

Taking good quality photos for your webpage and your social media is very important, it's like setting up your shop window to get clients to come into our store.

Before taking photos of you and your space, take some time to arrange everything as if you were preparing to welcome your first guest. Your photos should both showcase your space and help set your guests’ expectation before they join your membership.

But you don't need a professional photographer if you cannot afford one. Here are some tips for taking high-quality photos:

  • Take inspiration from professional photosLook at these websites to take inspiration for you photos. Search for the type of class you teach (eg. yoga, pilates...) and try to copy what you like.

    iStockPhoto or Unsplash

  • Resolution matters: Take photos that are at least 1024 x 683px. When in doubt, a bigger photo is better.

  • Take your photos in landscape format: Photos in search results are all displayed in landscape, so vertical photos won’t showcase your space as well.

  • Set the scene: Clean up and remove clutter to make your space look spacious and inviting.

  • Take photos during the day: Open the blinds and turn on the lights to brighten your space.

  • Highlight your body against the walls: Especially for yoga and pilates pose, dress in light colour if the background is dark and dark colours if the background is light so people can see your poses clearly

4. Change your Bio on Instagram

Love it or Hate it, IG is a powerful marketing tool and it seems like it's here to stay. You can use it to advertise your membership adding your webpage to your Instagram profile bio so that people know where they need to go to book your lessons.

If you have more than a website and you use Linktr or Lnk Bio just add the link to the linktr list

Make sure that the name is clear and well visible to your possible clients

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 19.20.37

5. Use the new IG feature Reels

Instagram released a new feature called REELS - similar to TikTok and offers a similar service. Very similar to Story but has some advantages. There are still very few Reels at the moment so if you create your content using Reels it gets more exposure. Also IG pushes its new features and will put your REELS video at the top of the searches results.

To use Reels you need to

1. Enter IG and click on the + sign on your profile picture like if you wanted to post a story but you will need to select REELS.

2. Take a video or upload one you already made of max 15 sec

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 19.40.59 (1)

3. Play around with it, add music, add Effects etc. There some cool feature, like you can cut your video, or take more than one video with the second starting exactly where the first one ended

4. Post your video as you would a story

5. If you are short of ideas, watch other REELS videos and get inspired

6. Instagram 'Swipe Up'

If you have more than 10k followers, Instagram gives you an extra perk that you can use to promote your site.

When you post a story you have the ability to add a clickable link to your image or video which is very neat and has a high conversion rate.

1. Click on the + in the profile picture, like if you wanted to add a story

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 19.35.22

2. Click on the little link icon at the top

3. The screen below will open and you will need to enter your address under Web link

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 19.35.52

4. Save and post your story as usual, the only thing is that now you will have a clickable link at the bottom of your story saying 'See More' - when you client click it, it will open your membership page and will be able to sign up to your classes

swipe up

Bonus Tip: You can add an Instagram 'Swipe Up' even without 10k followers

If you don't have 10k follower you can still add a link to your story. How?

It takes more clicks to get there and unfortunately it is not so intuitive but here's the steps.

1. Download IGTV from your Play Store or Apple Store if you don't have it already installed

2. Open the app and link your IG account to your IGTV account

3. On your IGTV, create a video promoting your classes and upload it

4. Click on Next and fill in the two mandatory fields Title and Description

5. In the title you need to specify what to do with the link, eg. Click here to open the link

6. In the description paste the link to your webpage and then Post the video and make sure you wait till end Uploading

7. Now that you have your IGTV video published, go back to your IG account

8. Publish a story as usual

9. Click on the link icon on the top

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 23.14.37 (2)

10. And you will be shown this page

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-10 at 23.14.37 (1)

11. Click on + IGTV Video and link the story to the video you created earlier and post

12. Now on your story you will have a link at the bottom that your clients can click, open the second video and they can click an open the website link

7. Add hashtags and tags your account

Another powerful tool to increase your visibility and reach a larger audience is using hashtags and tags related to your type of class every time you post on Instagram.

There are some tools, called hashtags generators, that create # for you linked to your initial word, like in the images below

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-14 at 11.03.12 (2)
WhatsApp Image 2020-09-14 at 11.03.12 (1)



Other tools will reveal the stats of all the words related to your initial word so that you can pick the ones are most used, however remember that hashtags with a high number of followers won't give you a lot of visibility as you will be competing for the same space with lots of people. So the hashtag #love is pretty useless. On the other hand, an hashtag with very few followers will show your post to very few people. My rule of thumb is to pick an hashtag that has a good amount but not too many. You have a max of 30 # for each post, so choose wisely

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-14 at 11.03.12

Tagging is also a good way to get visibility. Are you wearing a Sweaty Betty

pair of leggings? Tag @sweatybetty on your post. You love training with a pair of Fivefingers? Let them know @vibram. In this way you might get advantage of number of people following your favourite brands.

This is a post where we tagged @vibram and it is our most liked post

View this post on Instagram

8. Create a Coupon on

You can increase sales of your online classes with coupons. Issuing coupons can contribute in growing your sales in more ways than you can imagine.

A coupon is a voucher entitling a potential client to a discount to a class or a membership but can be also a way to reactivate an old client who stopped paying or getting existing clients to buy an extra class or upgrade their membership. In marketing this is called cross-selling and upselling.

Creating a coupon on your site is rather easy, try to find a catchy name and to get your offer in front of as many people as possible. Coupons are a good way to keep your price at the level you want but “reward” your community for being loyal, offering a special discounts for them or for a friend they want to introduce to your class.
Remember to add a sense of urgency to the offer adding an end date. Also put a limit on the amount of coupons that you create.

If you create more than one promotion you can give the coupon associated with it a different name so that you can better monitor the effectiveness of each promotion counting how many coupons were used.
once the coupon is created you can share it on your social media, tweeter, facebook, IG, but also on a craigslist post and make sure you say "Share this coupon with a friend” so people can involve their networks. Send it to influencers if you know any but also there are some website where people can go and search for coupons such as RetailMeNot,, Promotion Code, CouponGreat

Submit your coupon here and make it available to their consumer base.

9. Add your event to Eventbrite

Eventbrite or other event management and ticketing websites are a good way to get free advertising for your classes. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote events, even online. The service charges a fee to event organizers in exchange for online ticketing services, unless the event is free.

10. Facebook ads

Knowing a bit of digital marketing could be useful. Your product is online and there is where you should find your clients. Facebook ads can be very powerful.
The good this is that now that you have a landing page, if you create a facebook ad you can direct all the traffic on your

Don’t have a fitness landing page yet? Click here to get one getWOFH

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