Your teacher can sometime give you the possibility to buy one single class, if you know that you won't be able to attend all the classes or if you only want to train once in a while or you just want to try.

To buy a single lesson:

1. Go on your teacher's website ending in

2. Click on 'Start Now' next to the class you want to attend

3. The site will display the price for the monthly subscription

4. Click on the day you want to attend the class. Eg. September 14th

5. You will see the option to buy a single lesson and the price

6. Click on 'BUY ACCESS TO THIS LESSON' and procede to check out. If you are a recurring customer just login. If you are a new customer you will need to fill in the information required to make the payment.

7. You will receive a screen with the confirmation order

8. Click on the 'your account' link to check your subscriptions or click on the logo on the top left to got back to the home page.

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