The Upcoming Class Reminders notify you when your next scheduled class is about to begin. A reminder is sent to your inbox about an hour prior to the next scheduled class and contains a link to the class.

While most mail servers receive getWOFH's emails within a few minutes, some mail servers may take 30 minutes or longer.

If you are unable to receive emails from getWOFH, including notifications and activation emails, you can use the following directions to solve the situation:

  1. Add us to your contacts.
    All account-related notifications will come from the address Adding to your contacts. will communicate to your server that you know us and we are not trying to spam you.

  2. You can also try to check your Spam or Junk Mail folders following these instructions:


  1. Select More

  2. Select Spam

  3. Search for

Note: For Gmail you can also search all mail folders, by selecting All Mail under More, then searching for


  1. Select Junk Mail.

  2. Search for


  1. Select Spam

  2. Search for

3. If your email is managed by an organization or you have your own domain, you have to make sure that is allowed by the email server.

4. If you have your own domain and you keep not receiving emails, you can try to register on your teacher's webpage with a gmail or yahoo account that usually have less restrictions.

How to change email address

5. If you still are unable to find the emails, please remember that you can access your class from your teacher's website.

How to access your class from your teacher's website

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