We use Stripe to process all payments, both from our customers and from your customers directly into your account. Stripe is the safest payment method available at the moment, it is the same payment service provider for Pinterest, Lyft, Deliveroo and JustEat.

Any money you receive from your clients will go directly from your client to your bank account. We don't handle credit cards, so both your information and your customer's will be safe.

For more information on Stripe visit their page in English


Stripe transfers money to your bank account based on a schedule set in your Stripe dashboard. The schedule can be changed from the Transfers tab. You can also get a summary of the transfers made by Stripe to your bank account in your Stripe dashboard.

Keep in mind that banks normally process money transfers only on weekdays; it will therefore be advisable to add a few extra days to the expected transfer date.

Learn more about money transfers via Stripe.

Log into your Stripe dashboard

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