Retrieve API keys from

Create an app in Zoom’s marketplace

This sounds more difficult than it is. Follow the steps below and you’ll be fine! :)

  1. Click on

If you already have an account with Zoom, click on Sing In and enter your email address and password.

If you do not have an account with Zoom, click on Sign Up and follow Zoom’s instructions to open an account.

Once you’ve logged in, you should be on this page:

2. Click on the little arrow in upper right corner, where it says ‘Develop’ and change it to ‘Build App’

3. Click on ‘Create’ inside the JWT square and enter the name of your business (max 50 char)

Enter all mandatory information as requested. Mandatory fields will show in red if not filled in.

Please Provide

  • App name (Eg. Healthy & Fit)

  • Shot description (optional)

  • Company name (The name of your company or how you would like your company to be named - Eg. Healthy & Fit, Inc.)

  • Your name and email address

Leave the optional fields empty and click on ‘Continue’

  1. Capture the keys from the App Credential Screen

Zoom will take you to the screen below, where you will find the API Key and the API Secret

2. Click on ‘Copy’ next to API Key

Copy keys into your getWOFH account

  1. Now open a new tab and log into your getWOFH account. The link for your account is in the following format:
    Once on your site, click on My Account, on the top right corner,

and log in with your credentials.

(If you do not have your link, or if you forgot your credentials, please contact getWOFH here).
Go to ‘Settings’ and click on the Zoom tab. You should see the screen below:

2. Click on the API Key empty fields and Paste the information from Zoom that you just copied

3. Go back to the Zoom screen, again, click on Copy next to ‘API Secret’, go back to you getWOFH site and Paste this new information into ‘API Secret Key’

4. Do NOT click ‘Test API Connection’ but go down below and ’Click on ‘Update’

5. You should receive a message in a green box, saying ‘Options Updated.’

6. Now you can click ‘Test API Connection’

7. After testing the API Connection you should receive a message saying:

‘Zoom API Keys are valid’ and your Zoom account is now linked.

8. Please note: make sure there are not spaces at the beginning of the key nor at the end of the key as it might not work

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