WOFH sends a reminder to your Inbox about an hour before the lessons starts. However, you can access lessons from your trainer's website following these easy steps:

1. Access your teacher's website

Your teacher's web address should end with the extension .getwofh.com

2. Click on 'Start Now' associated to the class you want to attend

3. Click on LOG IN

4. Enter the email and password you selected when you registered on your teacher's website

5. That will take you to the access page where you can click on START LESSON

6. That will take you straight to Zoom and to your class when it's time.

7. If you don't have Zoom already installed, the system might prompt you to download Zoom


If your teacher offers the option to make up for missed lessons, there will be lessons available in the PAST LESSONS section.

  1. Just click on the day you want to recover

2. A window will open with the lesson to follow

Access from the Calendar

You can also access classes directly from your calendar.

  1. Click on Calendar

2. Click on the class you want to take part to

3. Click on START LESSON

All set and enjoy your class.

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