In order to receive payments from your customers you must enter all the necessary information so that our system can transfer the money paid by your customers when they buy one of your subscription.

To start the procedure, log on into your webpage.
Click on "Stripe Connect" link, inside the red bar that you will find on any page, when you are logged into your webpage.

Once you click on the link, a page will open. Just follow the instructions and enter the data required.

You will need to enter:

  • Country of residence
  • Address
  • Phone number

You will need to enter also

  • Type of business
  • Your website - you can enter here your landing page ending with
  • Your industry
    Eg. "Health and wellness coaching"
  • A short description of which services you offer

    See example below:

In the next section you will need to enter your personal information. Based on the country of residence, these fields might change and some of them might be mandatory. This is not the same in every country, so this is only an example.

In the next section you will be prompted to enter your bank details. Enter the bank account where you want the money to be transferred to. Again, the fields required will changed according to the country of residence. This is an example for the US.

You will also be asked to enable the two-factor authentication either with your telephone number or an authenticator app.
If you pick the phone number, you will receive an SMS with a code to then log into Stripe.

Lastly, you need to enter your email and password in order to complete the the Stripe account creation.

If you have completed all the sections correctly, the submit button will be enabled and you will be able to complete the registration.

At the end of the procedure the red banner will disappear and you will be able to receive payments.

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